My research focuses on European policymaking from an international political economy perspective (and inspired by the work of Jürgen Habermas). My present research examines the evolving relationship between the nation-state and the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). This research tradition in political science ultimately seeks to examine the tension between democratic representation and market integration as it has evolved over time in advanced capitalist societies.

I have three research agendas within this framework, stemming from my PhD and postdoctoral work:

Corporatism and the politics of adjustment to the Eurozone Crisis
Austerity and the fiscal crisis of the democratic state in Europe
Collective decision-making (governance) in the European multi-level polity

I will join a research cluster on the ‘fiscal crisis of the state in contemporary capitalism’, and the ‘political economy of European integration’ at the Max Planck Institute (MPIfG). I will seek to answer the following research questions centred on the theme ‘European policymaking in Hard Times’:

What are the transnational interests and ideas (political coalitions) driving the European response to the sovereign debt crisis?
How do these interact with domestic interests and institutions in conditioning variation in the national policy responses in Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal?
What are the asymmetrical implications of the post-crisis adjustment for the emergent multi-level governance regime in the Europe Union?

My PhD is titled: The Politics of Adjustment to the EMU: The Rise and Fall of Centralised Wage Bargaining in Ireland.

Full manuscript can be read here.

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