A detailed Curriculum Vitae can be found here:

Selected recent publications

Concessionary Corporatism and Labour Market Dualisation in the Eurozone.A comparative analysis of Ireland, Italy and Spain (co-authored with Lucio Baccaro forthcoming working paper).

Why Don’t Governments in Europe Need Trade Unions Anymore? .The Death of Social Pacts in Ireland and Italy (co-authored with Pepper D. Culpepper, forthcoming)

Explaining the Political Economy of Social Pacts in Europe .Irish Liberal Market Corporatism in Crisis

Do Ideas Matter in the Politics of Institutional Change?Social partnership and labor market policy in Ireland


The Politics of Adjustment to the European Economic Monetary Union (EMU).The Rise and Fall of Centralised Wage Bargaining in Ireland. Forthcoming – Edward Elgar (2014)



The Core Executive and Policy Coordination.From Cabinet Government to Delegated Governance (co-authored with Niamh Hardiman and Mary Shayne)

Online articles

The Myth of Economic Convergence in the EMU.LSE European Politics and Policy

Working papers

Political Tensions in Euro-Varieties of Capitalism.The Fiscal Crisis of the Democratic State in Europe

Democratic Tensions in the Eurozone .Trajectories of Labour Market Reform in the Core and Peripheral regions of Europe.

Explaining Corporatist Policymaking: Weak Government or Strong Executive? .The Role of State Elites in Italy, Ireland and Korea

Research and policy papers

The Impact of the Eurozone Crisis on Irish Social Partnership.International labour Organisation (ILO) and EU Commission

Book reviews

A Europe Made of Money.The Emergence of the European Monetary System. LSE review of books

The Strange Non-Death of Neoliberlism .Regan, Aidan. “Book Review: The Strange Non-Death of Neoliberalism.” Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research 19.3 (2013): 431-433.

New Spirits of Capitalism: Crises, Justifications and Dynamics .Editors; Paul de Gay and Glen Morgan. Forthcoming in ‘Perspectives on Politics’.

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