People around the world are looking for a dynamic approach to the economic crisis

A new global poll shows that internationally, there is growing support for increased government spending and regulation.

“The survey of more than 22,000 people, conducted by GlobeScan/PIPA, found that an average of three in five (60%) citizens—and majorities in 13 of the 20 countries polled—support “significantly increasing government spending to stimulate the economy.”  Support is especially strong for investments in renewable energy and green technology (72%) and for giving financial support to major industries and companies in trouble (62%)”

It also shows that whilst there is increased support for government action in the economy, there is less and dwindling support for helping banks and financial institutions in trouble (the one industry government have been supporting). Detailed findings and discussion can be found here

As is usual with these mass surveys, the most interesting findings are in the fine detail, and usually overlooked by mainstream press. But, here is a graph of the main findings.

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